Events on the radar

Qld Squad Training 09/12/2017
Black Belt grading - TBC 02/12/2017
Cairns Club Competition NBJC 25/11/2017
Qld Squad Training 18/11/2017
Castle HIll Competition 11/11/2017
2017 MIO Randori and Practical Camp 30/10/2017
Cairns Club Competition NBJC 28/10/2017
Melbourne International Open 27/10/2017
Ohori Dojo Junior and Senior Boys and Girls Competition 22/10/2017
Ohori Dojo Junior and Senior Boys and Girls Competition 22/10/2017
Junior World Championships North Korea 21/10/2017
Australian Masters Games Tasmaina 21/10/2017
Dan Grading 21/10/2017
NSW 2017 Country Championships Coffs Coast Judo 21/10/2017
Coral Coast Club - Randori Camp and Teams Compeition 21/10/2017
Junior World Championships North Korea 18/10/2017
Qld Squad Training 14/10/2017
Sth Australian International Open 14/10/2017
NCAS Coaches Course 14/10/2017
JFA AGM and Forum 14/10/2017
Ohori Club Senior Compeition 08/10/2017
State Championship Innisfail 30/09/2017 Paul De Brincat
Sue Hill Memorial Competition 17/09/2017
Club Administrators Meeting 16/09/2017
Qld Squad Training 02/09/2017
Cairns Club Competition NBJC 02/09/2017
Senior World Championships Budapest 28/08/2017
Competiton Administration Course Milton 26/08/2017
Sydney International Open 19/08/2017
Hantokan Judo Club Redcliff Competition 13/08/2017
Qld Squad Training 12/08/2017
Cadet World Championshios Chile 09/08/2017
Cairns Club Competition NBJC 05/08/2017
Queensland State Judo Championships Innisfail 30th Sept to 2nd Oct 2017 02/08/2017 0
Inala PCYC Judo Club Competition 23/07/2017
Isshindokan & Brisbane Judo Institute Trivia Night Saturday 22nd July 22/07/2017 0
Innisfail Judo Club Annual Open 15/07/2017
Qld Squad Training 15/07/2017
Western Games 25/06/2017
Australian Nationals Gold Coast 9th to 12th June. 09/06/2017
QLD Squad Training Saturday 3rd June 2017, Ohori Dojo 03/06/2017
Cairns Open Competition 28/05/2017
Qld Squad Training 27/05/2017
Great Barrier Reef Masters Games 27/05/2017
Ohori Club Junior Compeition Monstars from 8:30 am 21/05/2017
Ohori Club Seniors Competition Saturday 20th May from 12:30 pm 20/05/2017
Cairns Club Cometition NBJC 20/05/2017
Qld Squad Training 13/05/2017
University of Queensland Judo CLub Senior Grading Points Tournament 13/05/2017
Qld Squad Training 06/05/2017
Carins Club Comptition NBJC 06/05/2017
Oceania Continental Championships 29/04/2017
Coach Accreditation Course SEQ Isshindokan Dojo. 29/04/2017
Qld Squad Training 22/04/2017
South East Qld Black Black Belt Grading 15/04/2017
State Team 2017 Australian Nationals Paper work returned BY TODAY 14/04/2017
Qld Squad training and Judo Camp 08/04/2017
UQ Club Competiton 07/04/2017
Regional Competiton NBJC Cairns 01/04/2017
Mackay Kodokan Judo Club 26/03/2017
Shogan Hills Judo Club 26/03/2017
Townsville Castle Hill Judo Club Competition 25/03/2017
Cairns Club Competition NBJC 18/03/2017
Qld Squad Training 18/03/2017
2017 Queensland International Open 03/03/2017
Qld Squad Training 25/02/2017
Innisfail Training Camp and Teams Competition 25/02/2017
ACT International Open Canberra 17/02/2017
Qld Squad Training 11/02/2017
Qld Squad training and Judo Camp 08/02/2017
Isshindokan Judo Club Competition 05/02/2017
Qld Squad Training 04/02/2017
SEQ Squad Training TBC 10/12/2016
Mackay Judo Club Competition 04/12/2016
JFA(Q) AGM 27/11/2016
Ohori Competition 20/11/2016 Cathy Brain
Oceania Open World Cup 14/11/2016
Northern Beaches Judo Club Cairns Invitational 13/11/2016
SEQ Squad Training 12/11/2016
Pan Pacific Masters Judo Kata Day 06/11/2016
Pan Pac masters 05/11/2016
World Judo Day 28/10/2016
Coral Coast Training Camp 22/10/2016
UQ Judo Club Inc Competition 22/10/2016
Dan Grading - Brisbane 15/10/2016
South Australia International Open 09/10/2016
SEQ Squad Training 08/10/2016
Mackay Judo Club Sue Hill Memorial Competition 18/09/2016
Sth Australian International Open 2016 17/09/2016
Sydney International Open Competition Shiai 11/09/2016
Tablelands Invitational Judo Competition 10/09/2016
Sydney International Open Competition Kata 10/09/2016
Ipswich PCYC Judo Club Competition 04/09/2016
SEQ Squad Training 03/09/2016
Coach Accreditation Course Ipswich 03/09/2016
SEQ Squad Training 27/08/2016
Castle Hill Judo Club Townsville 27/08/2016
General meeting TBC 20/08/2016
Melbourne International Open Victoria 13/08/2016
Cairns InvitationalCompetition 13/08/2016
Gin Gin Judo Club Competition 07/08/2016
Gin Gin Judo Club Training Day 06/08/2016
Rio Olympics 05/08/2016
State Team training - SEQ members 30/07/2016
Inala Judo Club Competition 17/07/2016
Northern Beaches Judo Club Cairns Training Day 26/06/2016
North Queensland Games 25/06/2016
National Titles Geelong 08/06/2016
SEQ State Squad Training 04/06/2016 Carl Conran
Hantokan Judo Club Competition Redcliffe 29/05/2016
Northern Beaches Judo Club Competition Cairns 29/05/2016
SEQ State Squad Training 28/05/2016 Carl Conran
SEQ Club Administrator's Course 21/05/2016
Coach Accreditation Course Townsville 21/05/2016
SEQ State Squad Training 21/05/2016 Carl Conran
Y-West Grading 14/05/2016
SEQ State Squad Training 14/05/2016 Carl Conran
Y South Grading 11/05/2016
SEQ State Squad Training 07/05/2016 Carl Conran
2016 Queensland State Championships 01/05/2016 Michael Hill
SEQ State Squad Training 30/04/2016 Carl Conran
SEQ State Squad Training 23/04/2016 Carl Conran
Innisfail Judo Club Annual Open and Training Camp 16/04/2016
NCAS Course Isshindokan Judo Club 16/04/2016
SEQ State Squad Training 16/04/2016 Carl Conran
Oceania Master/Veterans Open Championships 10/04/2016
Oceania Championships Canberra 06/04/2016
SEQ State Squad Training 02/04/2016 Carl Conran
Mackay Kodokan Judo Club Competition 20/03/2016
Hills District PCYC Judo Club Competition 20/03/2016
SEQ State Squad Training 19/03/2016 Carl Conran
2016 Queensland International Open Camp 07/03/2016
2016 Queensland Internationsl Open Queensland 05/03/2016
SEQ State Squad Training with NZ Team participating 27/02/2016 Carl Conran
ACT International Open 21/02/2016
Isshindokan Judo Club Competition 14/02/2016 Michael Hill
SEQ State Squad Training 06/02/2016 Carl Conran
Northern Beaches Judo Club Cairns Training Day 19/01/2016
Illawarra International Judo Camp 15/01/2016
New Year Closure 01/01/2016
Christmas Closure 25/12/2015
2015 JFA(Q) AGM 06/12/2015
Lismore PCYC Judo Club Competition 22/11/2015 Alan Foley
JFA National Clubs Seminar 13/11/2015
Qld Squad Training - UQ 07/11/2015 Carl Conran
Junior Tournament 01/11/2015 Carl Conran
2015 JFAQ Celebration Event 31/10/2015 Carl Conran
Teams event 31/10/2015 Carl Conran
Pittsworth Judo Club Tournament 25/10/2015 Craig Hindmarsh
Pittsworth PCYC Judo Club Master Class Seminars 24/10/2015
Bout Control workshop 17/10/2015
Qld Squad Training - UQ 10/10/2015 Carl Conran
AIS International Camp Canberra 21/09/2015
Mackay - Sue Hill Memorial Competition 20/09/2015 David Cullen
Mackay club grading competition 13/09/2015
Ipswich PCYC Comp - to be held at INALA PCYC 13/09/2015 Andrew Pitts
Qld Squad Training - Uni Qld 12/09/2015 Carl Conran
Coach Accreditation Course Inala PCYC 12/09/2015
SEQ Club Teams Event 2 - TBC 11/09/2015
SEQ Club Teams Competition (Men & Women) 05/09/2015
Qld Squad Training - UQ 29/08/2015 Carl Conran
QLD State Championships 22/08/2015 Paul De Brincat
Southern Cross International Open Victoria 14/08/2015
Cadet World Championships, Sarajevo 05/08/2015
Toshi Nakamura Brisbane Judo Institute Aspley 28/07/2015
Toshi Nakamura University Qld Dojo 27/07/2015 Stuart Parke
Toshi Nakamura, University Qld Dojo Coaching Course and training 25/07/2015 Stuart Parke
Toshi Nakamura Shogun Hills PCYC Qld Junior State Squad Training 6:30 to 8:00 pm 24/07/2015 Carl Conran
Toshi Nakamura - Redcliffe PCYC 23/07/2015
Toshi Nakamura Ohori Dojo 22/07/2015 Cathy Brain
Isshindokan Judo Competition 14/02/2015 Michael HIll
-0 01/01/2000 0
- 01/01/1970
- 01/01/1970
- 01/01/1970
Northern Beaches Judo Club Team Training Week 01/01/1970
University Queensland Dojo Club Competition St Lucia 01/01/1970
- 01/01/1970
Ohori Dojo Seniors Club Competition 01/01/1970
Cairns NBJC Training Week, Kata and Skills training and Instruction 01/01/1970
Rakuen Judo Club Junior Club Competition 01/01/1970
Cairns Open Regional Competiton 01/01/1970
English Team Tour (Cairns, Innisfail, Mossman, Townsville) 01/01/1970
Mackay Kodokan Judo Club/Club Competition 01/01/1970
Mt Isa Judo Club Competition (Great Western Games) 01/01/1970
Coral Coast Club Training Camp (Mossman) 01/01/1970
Coral Coast Training Camp (Mossman) 01/01/1970
Volunteer and Competition Administration Course Milton 01/01/1970
NQ/FNQ New IJF Rules Seminar -Innisfail Judo Club 01/01/1970
- 01/01/1970
IJFAcademy L1 Coach Practical Course AIS Canberra 01/01/1970

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